A clinic program orientated on our future, the next generation of windsurfing!

In all sports you see young talented people getting coached by a trainer to get the full profit of their talent, in all sports except windsurfing. In the next generation project we want to give this opportunity to every young talent; to learn faster and become better in what they love to do, Windsurfing. The coaching will cover almost all levels. From the first jibes till the creasiest moves you can imagine. It will be 6 days of full coaching from morning till evening on some of the best locations in Europe!

Besides improving their sailing, participants will also meet a lot of other windsurfers of their age with about the same level; there is nothing as good as little healthy competition to improve even faster. Everybody knows the benefits of training with people of your level or even a bit higher. Put a coach on top of that and the results will follow guaranteed. This makes the clinics the perfect concept for fast improvement!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For Belgium: Info avond @ Deinze windsurfclub.

Deze zaterdag 8/2 houd Dieter coach van NGP een info avond aan de windsurfclub van Deinze. Hij geeft wat meer info over Sardiniƫ, mogelijkheden voor verblijf, planning en wat heeft NGP verder dit jaar nog geplant? Dus heb je nog vragen of wil je gewoon langskomen voor de gezelligheid twijfel dan niet en kom Zaterdag langs de Windsurfclub in Deinze. Vanaf 18.00 is iedereen welkom voor een hapje en een drankje terwijl ik wat meer info geef over de clinic. Tot zaterdag!

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