A clinic program orientated on our future, the next generation of windsurfing!

In all sports you see young talented people getting coached by a trainer to get the full profit of their talent, in all sports except windsurfing. In the next generation project we want to give this opportunity to every young talent; to learn faster and become better in what they love to do, Windsurfing. The coaching will cover almost all levels. From the first jibes till the creasiest moves you can imagine. It will be 6 days of full coaching from morning till evening on some of the best locations in Europe!

Besides improving their sailing, participants will also meet a lot of other windsurfers of their age with about the same level; there is nothing as good as little healthy competition to improve even faster. Everybody knows the benefits of training with people of your level or even a bit higher. Put a coach on top of that and the results will follow guaranteed. This makes the clinics the perfect concept for fast improvement!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Day Five - Brouwersdam2

Day 5:

Today started with a shorter video analysis than yesterday as the south west wind showed himself earlier. Everybody then went on the water for a morning session in which Justine went for the first time on a 130L boards with success! Boys took their freestyle stuff and with good pumping technic they could nail some nice planning duckjibe’s.

 We had the usual lunch a bit later in order to use the wind a bit longer and even before the end of lunch, they all went directly on the water again…! Speaking of motivation!!

Of course progress came again, boys pumped up some pops and ducks and Justine had her first plannings!

After a nice chicken for dinner, as the wind continued picking up, Dieter is even gone for an evening sunset session (exactly when we are writing these lines…  )

Forecasts are looking even stronger for tomorrow so we will finish this clinic in apotheoses…!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day Four - Brouwersdam2

 Day 4:

The day started, after breakfast, by a video analysis of the previous days. Following this interesting work, we played some fast rigging challenge between the coaches, which like usual Dieter won… and as we had some sails rigged, we used them to give some more explanations about harness use for Justine.

In the afternoon, we had a light wind freestyle session during some news occurred!! Justine had her first harness runs, Ruben completed his first clew-first helitacks on both sides and Fiu ended up tricking Dieters gecko… Dieter, on his side, completed his first into the boom-flip 360° which Alex didn’t miss to film…to be seen soon…

Finally, during this day, the normal south west wind came back which allowed us to use the pool again and which is a good news for the rest of the clinic.

For the two last days, wind forecast is looking really good and it is still possible to participate on a daily rate!! Come to Brouwersdam beach and enjoy learning with us !!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day three - Brouwersdam2

 Day 3:

Today, forecast were clearly showing a better wind in the afternoon so we decided for the morning to have a session at the Water Jump Ramp. This has been a hell of a lot of fun!!! And it’s also very good for “working” on the rotations in the air. A lot of face plant but also a lot of laughing moments!!

 In the afternoon we had some low wind freestyle session and some sneaky wind gusts played with our nerves but all participants can add new moves to their success list!

Tonight, the barbecue will be a good way to finish the day and wind forecasts are looking better and better…

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day two - Brouwersdam2

Day 2

Believe it or not, it’s warm in Holland !! Today was very sunny and we had perfect conditions for Justine to learn a lot of basic manoeuvers… A little too light for planning stuff but there is so many low wind manoeuvers to learn anyway..

Starting on land again, participants were repeating their scales in order to bring automatic moves to their hands. Then, some went on the water and others stayed on land until lunch.

After it, younger have been teaching older how to play Jungle speed for our digesting break.

A full afternoon of practicing on the water followed and at the end of the day, everybody was quite hungry and the big pasta plate got eaten in a blitz!!

Another stunning sunset finished the day as you can see on the pictures. See you tomorrow..!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day one - Brouwersdam2

Day 1 :

After welcoming the participants on Sunday evening and after a slightly longer sleep on Monday morning, the clinic started with sun and some North-East wind.

Participants were very motivated and payed full attention to the morning simulator briefing. After practicing on land, everybody jumped in the water for a session before lunch.

Rest of the day continued with sailing till the wind dropped around 17h30.

Everybody was happy with a great day on the water with even some planings in the gusts!!

After a very nice sunset, everybody is waiting for tomorrow impatiently…

Good night!