A clinic program orientated on our future, the next generation of windsurfing!

In all sports you see young talented people getting coached by a trainer to get the full profit of their talent, in all sports except windsurfing. In the next generation project we want to give this opportunity to every young talent; to learn faster and become better in what they love to do, Windsurfing. The coaching will cover almost all levels. From the first jibes till the creasiest moves you can imagine. It will be 6 days of full coaching from morning till evening on some of the best locations in Europe!

Besides improving their sailing, participants will also meet a lot of other windsurfers of their age with about the same level; there is nothing as good as little healthy competition to improve even faster. Everybody knows the benefits of training with people of your level or even a bit higher. Put a coach on top of that and the results will follow guaranteed. This makes the clinics the perfect concept for fast improvement!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day one - Porto Pollo 2014

Hello everybody

The second season of NGP clinics got officially started at the world famous spot Porto Pollo. After a great welcome from Riccardo, Augusto and Alberto at the Porto Pollo windsurfing club the day started in a relaxed atmosphere. With some familiar faces and new faces everyone got welcomed with some freshly new designed T-shirts.

After everyone was settled with their gear in the the lockers of the club everyone was asked to put their goals on the movelist. With the wind not being efficient enough for windsurfing focus was on theory for day one. The energy levels went up after a nice plate of Itelian Pasta and everyone started to rig their gear for a fun light wind session. Smiling, jumping, yelling, swimming and more laughing is the best way to describe the session in words. As everyone lost a bit of their energy we are looking forward to day 2 with some planning action!

Stay tuned, NGP team!

Day Six - Porto Pollo 2014

Windy, windy, windy.. thats almost the best way to describe the day. Westerly winds where strong and the main priority for the day was to spend as much time on the water as possible.

After a quick briefing of what points to concentrate on in the morning everyone went on the water as soon as possible. With just a on hour stop for lunch we all spend hours on the water training and having fun. There isn’t a much better way to finish a clinic than with a windy day putting smiles on all of our faces!

The day ended with a big dinner together where we could look back on a great first camp of NGP. Everyday on the water and that with a forecast that didn’t look good at first. Porto Pollo showed again why its one of the the top locations in Europe we can’t wait to back again next year! 

See you at our next clinic at Brouwersdam end of june! For more info about this check www.ngp-windsurfing.com!

NGP team

Friday, April 18, 2014

Day Four & Five - Porto Pollo 2014

Day 4 started a bit colder as the NE east wind pushed the tempertiors down to 15°C but in exchange it gave us strong enough wind for a bit more than an hour to have another training session. The chop was something new for some but after a few tips it wasn’t a problem anymore. 

As the wind dropped as fast as it came up hopes for another session in the afternoon where gone. This gave a time to do another videoanalysing in the big in the villa! After 2 hours of explaining and analyzing we played some games like football and ping pong where played to end the day.

Day 5 started with a light breeze out of the NE as predicted we had a good feeling for the afternoon. Instead waiting on the beach till the wind came up a part of the group went to La Madallena and the other part had a SUP tour around the beautiful and into the river of Porto Pollo.

As soon as we came out of the river are good feeling got confirmed with white caps building and a nice lunch waiting for us at the club. After lunch everyone went on the water as soon as possible and the action started. The group that went to La Madallene joint a bit later  but sailed till sunset in good conditions! And the forecast is even looking better for Day 6!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day Three - Porto Pollo 2014

With wind predicted only in the morning everyone met early at the beach to make the best out of it. At 8h00 am all of us was at the beach except the wind. But by the time we gave up hope for it the first gusts started to give whitecaps on the water. We all got straight in action with rigging sails and going on the water as fast as possible. 

After some sailing on the flat side the group split-up in 2 with one part staying on the flat water and the other going to the choppy side to train some air moves. Everyone was straight trying the moves they wanted to learn and showed improvement very fast, so fast that Michiel actually landed his first ponches putting a big smile on his face!!

After this very long morning session and a nice lunch, as the wind was decreasing, we had a lot of fun making games on the beach and enjoying the advantages of Porto Pollo !!!

What a day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day Two - Porto Pollo 2014

Day 2 started with welcoming two new participants from Belgium.
As the wind was still light, everyone enjoyed watching a nice documentary/movie about the adventure of the Bonaire crew, “Children of the Wind” leaving all of us inspired and motivated!!

Lunch time was already there and after a nice plate of chicken in Italian sauce, we spend some time going through some theorie for the new comers and target points from the previous day.

Then, excitement came as the flags shifted to westerly winds meaning the predicted Mistral was building. Everyone jumped in the wetsuits and rigged as quick as possible to hit the water!!!

It started light so focus was on light wind maneuvers but as wind got stronger, a few planning moves happened!!

To finish the day, a nice dinner with the whole group was organized and everyone went to bed early as wind forecast where good for the following morning. Meeting point at 08h00 directly at the Club !! 😉

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For Belgium: Info avond @ Deinze windsurfclub.

Deze zaterdag 8/2 houd Dieter coach van NGP een info avond aan de windsurfclub van Deinze. Hij geeft wat meer info over Sardinië, mogelijkheden voor verblijf, planning en wat heeft NGP verder dit jaar nog geplant? Dus heb je nog vragen of wil je gewoon langskomen voor de gezelligheid twijfel dan niet en kom Zaterdag langs de Windsurfclub in Deinze. Vanaf 18.00 is iedereen welkom voor een hapje en een drankje terwijl ik wat meer info geef over de clinic. Tot zaterdag!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day Six - Brouwersdam2

Day 6:

Better late than never, here comes the report of the final day! With a good forecast for the last day everybody was well exited to go on the water early, wind was there and the breakfast has never been finished as early as on this day.

Wind came out of the NW with 15-18 knts providing planning conditions for everyone. Joining us for the day, Maaike Huvermann tried her first fully one handed grubbys and got really close to land them. Fiu could finally get some planning and went straight for airjibes directly from the start.

The wind did drop a bit around 11am which made everyone practice their low-wind abilities while Justine did her first beachstarts and started to get more confident with sailing in the harness.

After lunch the wind picked up a bit again and everybody started planning in the gusts. Justine went outside the pool for the first time and got planning in the harness for multiple times (first time ever for her!!) and Ruben looked the best with getting super close to his first Airjibe which he will land very soon during the next weeks if he keeps practicing like now!

At 6pm everybody got picked up and the clinic ended with a lot of good memories and very happy but tiered participants! It was also the last clinic of NGP for this year but we are already working on the calendar for next year again which will kick-off in Sardinia, when and where exactly will be announced on our facebook page within this month!

So keep an eye on our fb page and make sure you don’t miss the next one!

 Will you join sardinia?