A clinic program orientated on our future, the next generation of windsurfing!

In all sports you see young talented people getting coached by a trainer to get the full profit of their talent, in all sports except windsurfing. In the next generation project we want to give this opportunity to every young talent; to learn faster and become better in what they love to do, Windsurfing. The coaching will cover almost all levels. From the first jibes till the creasiest moves you can imagine. It will be 6 days of full coaching from morning till evening on some of the best locations in Europe!

Besides improving their sailing, participants will also meet a lot of other windsurfers of their age with about the same level; there is nothing as good as little healthy competition to improve even faster. Everybody knows the benefits of training with people of your level or even a bit higher. Put a coach on top of that and the results will follow guaranteed. This makes the clinics the perfect concept for fast improvement!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day Six - Last Day - Porto Pollo

Last day of the clinic was another sunny and windy day. In the morning the wind looked amazing so we all rigged up fast and went on the water. Sadly enough the wind wasn’t the best for very long time. After half an hour of sailing the wind got a bit more gusty but it were still planing conditions so we stayed out until lunch.

After lunch the wind dropped for a bit so it was a good time to work on a list where the guys still had to work on after the camp. By the time we were finished with that, the wind picked up again just like we ordered it and we still could enjoy an amazing last session until everybody was really tired and got much closer to their goals. After this we all decided to go for a dinner together in the evening to end the amazing clinic week!

At the dinner I could give away some nice T-shirts from C7 who supports our Clinics for the Next Generation. I divided them in 3 prices: 2 for the best moves I saw and one for the most motivated guy of the Clinic.

The first price for best move went to Michiel De Cooman who landed a fully perfect shaka just upwind in front of me on the 3 day of the clinic. The shaka is a move he got pretty consistent now and he really deserved a T-shirt from C7.

Michiel De Cooman

The second price (T-shirt from C7) for most motivated guy went to the Italian Calvin McMillan Pes, he was the guy who wanted to go on the water always first and would stay out for the longest ,fully motivated to learn and practice his freestyle moves. I hope he keeps this motivation in the future and than for sure we will still hear from him in the future! A deserved price for him!

Calvin McMillan Pes

The last T-shirt went to Mattijs Lasore who is for me one of the most technical riders of the whole group making up for the less power he has, compared to the other guys. He deserved this price by pulling a really nice puneta 900° which at the age of 14 is pretty impressive! If he gets some more power he will learn even faster and we can surely expect some great moves from him in the future!

Mattijs Lasore
I want to thank all participants for this great week and for the amazing improvement they made! I really enjoyed giving them tips and tricks and can’t wait to do the next clinic at Brouwersdam! I hope to see some of them there again and a lot of new faces who want to be part of the Next Generation Project! See you in the beginnig of July at Brouwersdam!!

Cheers NGP

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day Five - Porto Pollo

The first day without wind from the whole clinic was perfect to relax a bit from all the sailing the days before. In the morning we still tried to go on Slalom gear but even for a 7.5 the wind was to light making us come back already after half an hour and just enjoy the sun on the beach.

In the afternoon there got a little excitement as the wind suddenly picked up but by the time everybody was rigged up the wind already dropped again which made us go back to our original plan watching heats from the pro’s which got filmed by Continentseven in Fuerteventura and Sylt. Like this the participants could see which is the best way to sail a heat and see some great action again. After this we all went home a bit earlier than the days before to have a good sleep for the last day tomorrow which will be another windy day if the forecast comes true.

Cheers NGP

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day Four - Porto Pollo

Another day with action and another guy who joined for one day after driving down the whole way from South Sardinia (4hours drive). Wednesday would be the best day of wind and it was. Wind for 4.0 and 3.7 for the guys and for Dieter 4.4 weather! The sun was there also again so all ingredients were there for another great day!

In the morning we started with some filming so afterwards we could point out the mistakes they were making, to make the learning even faster. The most common mistake was with the ducking that the guys forgot to bend their knees when they went underneath the sail. Besides that, they worked on the same points of the day before and got more consistent in their moves. Riccardo landed his first spock on the flat day and came really close to some other one’s! Michiel De Cooman already starts landing his shaka’s on the flat water which proves how consistent he’s getting in this top class move!

After another long day of sailing the wind dropped again at the typical time and everybody went back to the beach super tired after another great day of training! The level is going up and we still have 2 days to go! Amazing clinic and group so far!!

Cheers NGP

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day Three - Porto Pollo

Today the wind was a bit less good than expected. In the morning there wasn’t too much action as the participants were still tired of the previous day and their hands needed some rest from the previous days. So instead of going for a low wind session we decided to relax a bit in the sun and go through the things which went wrong and good the day before.
Mattijs Lasore

After a nice lunch at the club of Porto Pollo the wind started to improve and everybody hit the water. With a good forecast everybody was hoping for a great session as the wind improved but sadly enough, this never really happened. It were still planing conditions but it was pretty up and down which made it perfect for the guys to test how consistent they already got in their moves. Riccardo Pistidda who was the birthday boy of today got really close to his first culo and improved his flaka’s compared to the day before. Michiel De Cooman landed several shaka’s even in the light winds and Mattijs Lasore got his flakas super consistent now and closer to his shaka’s.
Michiel De Cooman

After 2,5 hours sailing the wind really died off and we decided to call it the day and safe some energy for tomorrow as the forecast looks the strongest for the whole week!
Dieter Van der Eyken
Cheers NGP

Monday, April 8, 2013

Day two - Porto Pollo

The second day of Sardinia was another epic day full of action and good improvements. In the morning the wind wasn’t the strongest yet which made it perfect to watch the moves which got filmed the day before, check the mistakes and improve them later on the day.

Mattijs Lasore
Around 11 a.m. the wind improved good enough for full planing conditions on the biggest sails and everybody went on the water. For the first session we stayed on the flat water side where the wind is offshore. The focus on this session was more on the sliding moves and improvement there was a lot. Michiel De Cooman slide himself through some perfect flaka’s 720 while Mattijs Lasore scored the best move of the first session sliding through a very nice puneta 900°. The level is super high on this clinic and the improvement is visible every day.

Riccardo Pistidda getting close to his first spocks
In the second session of the day in the afternoon the group got a bit bigger with the local students who have to go to school in the morning and only can join in the afternoon. The wind was still amazing and the action also. People got close to their goals landing almost their first spocks and ss chacho’s on this session. After one hour on the flat we decided to go to the more “choppy” side to train more the airmoves in particular the shaka. With lots of tips and advise from coach Dieter, Michiel scored the highlight of the day landing an amazing Shaka which made everybody go even harder for it. Also the Italian local riders came close to moves like culo, spocks and flaka 720°. At 5.30 p.m. everybody came very tired of the water and started to look forward already to the next day!

Michiel De Cooman
Forecast is looking amazing so more action coming up for sure the next days in warm, sunny Sardinia!

Calvin Mcmillan Pes

Cheers NGP

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day one - Porto Pollo

Sunday the 7th of april was the official start from the first ever clinic of the Next Generation Project at Porto Pollo. With 4 participants from Italy and Belguim we got a good start. The level is high with participants training moves starting from spocks till their first shaka’s.

The day started very sunny with light winds which made it perfect to explain all the moves on the beach carefully as there was not to much a hurry to get on the water. This gave coach Dieter the time to both explain and show movies from how to do the moves participants wanted to learn.
After lunch at the windsurfclub from Porto Pollo we went on the water with little hope we would get planning but as soon as we hit the water wind started to improve and fast pumping conditions changed into full planning conditions which made everybody able to try the theorie they learned in the morning for real on the water. In the mean time Dieter sailed inbetween the participants to give them extra instructions on what to do better and what was good. With almost 3 hours on the water it was a great start from the week. And the forcast looks like wind every single day which will make the participants rise to the next level!

On the second day there will be some video analyse in the morning just before hitting the water straight after so they can improve their mistakes from the day before and get closer to their goals in warm, sunny and especially windy Sardinia!
Mattijs Lasore improving his skills

Cheers NGP