A clinic program orientated on our future, the next generation of windsurfing!

In all sports you see young talented people getting coached by a trainer to get the full profit of their talent, in all sports except windsurfing. In the next generation project we want to give this opportunity to every young talent; to learn faster and become better in what they love to do, Windsurfing. The coaching will cover almost all levels. From the first jibes till the creasiest moves you can imagine. It will be 6 days of full coaching from morning till evening on some of the best locations in Europe!

Besides improving their sailing, participants will also meet a lot of other windsurfers of their age with about the same level; there is nothing as good as little healthy competition to improve even faster. Everybody knows the benefits of training with people of your level or even a bit higher. Put a coach on top of that and the results will follow guaranteed. This makes the clinics the perfect concept for fast improvement!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Day one - Brouwersdam 1

Here we go, Brouwersdam NGP Youth Freestyle Clinic has started yesterday under a sunny sky in Holland. After a welcome meeting everybody could learn to know eachoter in a relaxed atmosphere.
The Goals are mainly to jibe, duck jibe and air jibe for the Bic Techno racers crew and Air jibe and/or more for the others.
As the wind was light in the morning, program was done as follow: Explanation of moves on the beach before lunch, then low wind freestyle and see depending on the wind. The program runned perfectly and our two coaches could already help to stand some Helitacks and some other sail ducking tricks. Later, as the wind slowly picked up, the day finished in a few chop hop pops and air jibe attempts.
After a nice fish dinner at Zeil and Surfcentrum, we were all hesitating for an evening session but everybody still had to put up their tents so no time for a late night session. After a good set up of the whole thing and sharing a few jokes, everybody went to bed tired and ready to push the next day!!
Cheers NGP

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